The #DadLife Behind the Writer

Many of you know me already, but I’d like to take a moment to talk about my biggest passion in life: being a husband and father.

This past year has been very difficult for my family. Although there were lots of bumps along the way (including a miscarriage, my wife being hospitalized, 103 IVs, etc), this sweet little girl came into our lives a few months ago:

My two little boys have been so sweet to her – especially while she was on oxygen for the first few months of her life. I am very happy to announce that we are beyond that stage and she’s healthy!

One of my favorite things in the world is when my two-year-old comes running to the door when I get home from work, gives me a big hug around my legs, and says “I love you daddy!”

Or when my five-year-old tells me he had the best day ever because he finally discovered that the pizza he’s been avoiding for years actually tastes yummy!

Sometimes as writers we lose track of what’s most important to us. We get so caught up in the daily writing, promoting, and many different author events that we get sucked into what seems like a never-ending uphill battle. With all the chaos and calamities happening in the world around us that seems to be occurring more and more frequently with each passing day, it’s more important now than ever to cultivate love and solidarity in your own homes.

So on that note, go home tonight and tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. Forgive your enemies, and apologize to any whom you’ve wronged. To all my friends out there, know that you are loved!

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