[Discussion] My Love Affair with Audiobooks

And she’s currently listening to mine! Yay!


Yesterday, as I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, I saw a post by one of the book bloggers I follow pretty closely. She was talking about her recent introduction to audiobooks. And, as her posts usually do, it got me thinking . . . I have heard so many people say in challenges or other bookish conversations that they weren’t quite sure about audiobooks, or if they counted toward a challenge.

My answer? Absolutely!

If you have children, you have probably been told many times that it’s very important to read to them. It’s how they learn, how they are exposed to new ideas. To me, audiobooks are the same thing, except catered more toward adults. The narrator is essentially reading the book to you. And some of them, like your parents when you’re younger, even do the voices for different characters!


For the record, I used to be…

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11 thoughts on “[Discussion] My Love Affair with Audiobooks

      1. Also – fun fact: if you read just the apocryphal scripture headings in order from beginning to end, you’ll get the backstory of the Conquest Saga too 🙂


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