Book Spotlight: Fragged 6 by Zachariah Dracoulis #AmReading #LitRPG #GameLit

I just posted my review of Fragged 6 by the talented Zachariah Dracoulis:

Zoey and her fighters find themselves in a few difficult battles with the Metois as they struggle to defend their base. The odds are against them, and it seems their chances for survival are slim. I laughed out loud at the surprising twist at the end of this story which screams of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Zachariah is a very talented author, and I really enjoyed this story. I felt like I was thrown right in the middle of a game of Ark, and the gaming elements were nice touch. Great job on the leveling system. It’s definitely realistic. You’d swear you were holding a controller as the story unfolds. Definitely LitRPG in scale. I’m looking forward to the next installment!

Go grab your copy today!

Here’s the Blurb:

The Metois are closing in, Zoey’s clan is growing, and it looks like the Fighters’ luck is about to change.

Following the events of Issue Five which saw Zoey and her clan deciding it was time to take the fight to the Metois, the budding group is starting to have internal trust issues, not that that matters to Zoey, who’s recently decided that life just isn’t that bad, but at the same time is struggling to stay out of her head.

In this, the sixth issue of Fragged, Zoey and her friends start to push back against the seemingly unstoppable Metois while at the same time narrowly avoiding encounters with massive dinosaurs and struggling to keep each other alive.

About the Reviewer:

412rwcijhul._sx750_sy470_.jpgMost of his friends from High School still don’t even know his first name. Known only as either “Mulder” or “Agent”, there was an unforgettable moment when a girl he was dating expressed her confusion when a friend approached him and called him “Richard”. The ongoing joke was “Hey Mulder, where’s Scully?” Ironically he later married a redhead…

R. M. Mulder began querying agents for his novel CONQUEST back in January 2016. He then received some inspirational feedback from one of the editors involved in a query contest that had stated in part, “Honestly? Everything about this screams ‘Blockbuster self-pub!!’ Writing is sharp and commercial. Author has a plan. Go be Hugh Howey. I don’t think querying is gonna go your way, and you’ve got big vision.” Mulder ran with this inspiration, and has since become an Amazon Bestselling Author several times.

Formerly the Co-Producer of SciFan Magazine, Mulder now invests his time and talents in his upcoming miniseries which carry on the story of the Conquest Saga. Stay tuned in 2018 for the release of this exciting new series!

Husband to a gorgeous redhead; father of two little boys, an angel in heaven, and a beautiful baby girl. Author of the Conquest Saga read by bestselling narrator Andrea Emmes.

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