Recent Hilarious Book Review of CONQUEST!

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For many authors, they have a love-hate relationship when it comes to Book Reviews. We love getting feedback from our readers, but sometimes that feedback hurts. Occasionally however, some of that feedback can be absolutely humorous! Despite the fact that this review brought my overall rating down, I can’t help but rank the attached screenshot below as one of my most favorite reviews.

Normally I don’t comment on reviews, but this one made me start busting up laughing! As it turns out, the MC he’s referring to (1 of the 3) ends up becoming the new villain for the continuing series! But the reader won’t learn this until the 99% mark 🤣

See, this provides me with evidence that my readers emotionally connected with my characters. Another similar review I recieved a while ago stated in part, “…with Allan being the protagonist, I expected more of him. Then the story ended on a giant twist of Screw the Reader ever designed and I was left mad.”

I love this one too! One thing is for sure – the ending to my stories definitely aren’t predictable!

What’s your opinion of my story? I’d love your feedback too!

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