Webnovel – Ambush (DarkForce: A GameLit Saga Book 1) – Chapter Two: Night Raid

Welcome to my Webnovel “Ambush (DarkForce: A GameLit Saga)”!
This is a Time-travel thriller story with special Doctor Who appearances that occur throughout the story in short teasers and then a full appearance near the end of the story. Part of this story is set inside a game world, and the other part is set in today’s modern world. I’ll be posting chapters here daily for the next several weeks prior to it’s official publication date on Amazon on June 4th 2019, and you’re welcome to grab a pre-order copy for the special limited-time low price of only 99 cents at http://mybook.to/DarkForceT

Chapter Two: Night Raid

His friend made him gulp down a bitter liquid that somehow seemed to make him feel better. The healing potion had been crafted from the fabled enchanted elderberries of the mountains around.

“Well, you gotta get yourself some proper armor someday buddy!” his friend remarked. “Armor would have served you much better than a loincloth.”

He laughed, although it sounded much like a snort.

“What… happened?” Matt asked.

“Monsters attacked the village. While I stayed behind, the survivors made their way out only to meet one of their convoys here, I suppose. Should’ve known. These creatures are intelligent.”

“And you came…”

“I figured an idiot like you would need my help and it seems I was right. You killed just one monster out of the lot, my friend. I expected more.”

Though his tone was mocking, Matt knew that he didn’t mean it. @doomsday16 was just trying to lift his spirits.

His vision became clearer as strength, or rather a modicum of it, returned to his avatars body. He still felt nauseous, but his friend steadied him as they stood up.

“Are they gone?” he asked.

@doomsday16 shook his head. “Not so easily, mate! They’re still around.”

His reaction might have looked questioning for he continued, “If you hadn’t lost so much blood and were in control of your senses, well, you could hear. They are just waiting.”

“Waiting for what?” he asked, dreading the answer already.

“The Boss of course. The main guy.”

“Oh!” he grunted.

“You didn’t think this quest was gonna be that easy, did you?” @doomsday16 posed him a question.

“Of course not, but they did retreat!”

“They stepped back because they figured out you knew how to kill them. Trust me, they’ll come back. Like I said, these creatures are intelligent. They might just be debating another strategy to come at you.”

“To think that even monsters can form strategies!” Matt scoffed.

“Oh, they sure can, but they are just one of the many problems!” @doomsday16 said. He sounded concerned enough to make Matt frown. “The village is under siege by many other monsters. Looks like these monsters have launched a coordinated attack… rumors have spoken of many of them gathering.”

“Uh oh!” he grunted. “Looks like they are beginning to embrace the pack mentality.”

“If so then we are doomed, mate. We’re bloody doomed.”

“Says you!”

@doomsday16 sneered. “So are you good now? Wounds all healed? Ready to take the fight a step further?”

Matt nodded.

“Well then, as I always say, on our heads be it!”

@doomsday16 pointed at the village, at which the NPC villagers shook their heads. It was no surprise they were afraid to return, having run from the village in the first place.

“Oh, come on!” @doomsday16 shouted at them. “It’s your bloody village we’re trying to save.”

“Calm down, man!” Matt said, placing his hands on his shoulders. “They cower for a good enough reason.”

“Cowardice is cowardice, mate! And I believe one can change. I changed you, didn’t I?”

Matt raised his brows at his remark. His friend clearly knew nothing about modesty.

“Let’s go!” he ushered his friend towards the village. “Whoever will want to will follow.”

@doomsday shrugged his shoulders and moved forward, sword ready in hand, wiping the dust off the armor, allowing his steel to shine. On the other hand, he clutched his spear tight and walked slowly behind, still feeling a slight pain on his side, a reminder that the wound had not fully healed. Though, he could feel the effects of the potion working. The muscles were getting sewn up.

They reached the bleak palisade of the village in very little time. It hadn’t been as far from the crossroads as he had thought. Once at the borders of the now broken village, they heard a loud roar that made him think of a lion. Yet, it wasn’t a lion. Something more.

“What kind of beast could make a sound like that?” he asked. “A griffin?”

“You wish!” his friend twitched his lips. “Another crossbreed creature.”

“Griffins are…”

“Hybrids! But these are… you’ll see.”

“And do you know how to kill them?” Matt asked, clutching his spear tighter.

Loud footsteps behind told him that a few villagers had decided to join the fight. They held wooden sticks in their hands and bent, ready to strike at whatever came at them.

He doubted whether wooden sticks would do them any good, but as a famous adage said, “something is better than nothing.” He hoped the adage would serve them well.

“Ready?” @doomsday16 asked, brows raised, a smile on his face that said he was about to do something crazy.

Matt shrugged. There was no other choice.

Circling the spear in his hands, he rushed forward, eager to do away with the monsters. Just as he had reached the walls, ready to scale it, the palisade broke nearby and out rushed weird-looking demonic beings, their mandibles sporting teeth that made his innards tremble. When they opened their mouths, he could see their pink forked tongues hanging across an abyss-like darkness that made up their throats. Threads of saliva bridged the jaws, their tonsils shaken by their roars.

On the outside, their bodies were pitch black with red spots all over, their legs so burly and thick. He doubted he could best them at his level. Yet he had to try. He had to save the village from its fate. Perhaps this would be the most difficult raid he had ever been challenged with.

To his side, @doomsday16 had disappeared. He frowned. It was unlike his friend to run away from battle. It was more likely he had some other plan in action, but he had left their flank vulnerable to the monsters, whatever they were. Some of them walked on their four legs towards the gathered villagers, who looked more afraid than ever but stood their ground. He, however, saw a couple of them moved towards him. He held the shaft of his spear tight and pointed it forward.

Threat Detected: Level 5 Gorepit

HP| 500/500

Strengths: Thick legs and arms allow for smashing through solid objects and pulverizing of prey. Gaping mouth allows the ability to swallow prey whole. Red splotches on the beast’s dark hide are poisonous to the touch.

Weaknesses: Unknown

One of the monsters loomed near him and he struck at it with force, wounding its legs.

[-20 HP]

It shrieked and wailed, but he didn’t stop. He moved his spear deftly in his hands like never before, balancing the weapon with grace.

[-10 HP]

[-10 HP]

[-10 HP]

He stabbed at its eyes and it retreated for a moment.

[-30 HP]

It was excruciatingly frustrating that his silly spear could only deliver minimal damage. At the rate he was going, it would take him all night to fight off these demons!

Where is @doomsday16?! Why did he take off like that at the beginning of a fight?

Matt quickly realized that he was no match for the Level 5 Gorepit creature, having only delivered a total of 60/500 Hit Points (HP) in his attacks, so he retreated in search of his friend.

Matt watched from a distance as the NPC villagers mimicked his actions by striking at their foes in their eyes, making them retreat. He smiled. Though overwhelmed by the sheer number of monsters that kept pouring out, they fought on.

Contrary to his original expectation however, the number of NPC villagers that turned out to fight had doubled in number. They had been joined by the survivors who had fled the opposite way. Far in the distance, he sighed in relief to see that @doomsday16 had returned to the fight and waved his sword with much gusto, drawing blood from his enemies.

From behind, a series of high-pitched shrieks sounded. He grunted as he saw the Arackin from the crossroads making a return. Angered, he dove towards the remaining monsters that had stumbled through the village, his shouts alerting the villagers to the dangers that lurked behind them.

Running with his spear, he stabbed a Level 1 Gorepit demon in the face and spilled its black blood.

HeadStab: Easy

Instant Kill

[+30 XP]

The spurt of blood narrowly missed him, but he gave it no thought. As the monster fell down to the ground, he felt empowered when his augmented screen lit up with the large number of low level demons that comprised most of the herd.

That’s it! The only way I’m going to win this thing is to leverage my new HeadStab Skill, and hopefully learn some new skills along the way.

Matt moved to the next creature. It was a bit elusive, but after parrying a bit he quickly got him into the perfect position.

HeadStab: Medium

Instant Kill

[+40 XP]


Matt realized in that moment that he’d gain higher Experience Points (XP) based upon the difficulty level of the kill. Even more interesting was the fact that last week when he was a Level 1 player he could only gain a measly 5 XP for Easy Kills, 10 XP for Medium Kills, and 15 XP for Difficult Kills. It was nice to know that the more he leveled up in DarkForce the more XP he’d gain for each kill.

He continued on to the creature on his immediate left.

HeadStab: Easy

Instant Kill

[+30 XP]

And then on his right…

HeadStab: Easy

Instant Kill

[+30 XP]

He smirked as their limp bodies stumbled to the ground. His own arms bled because some of them had managed to claw his skin, but he numbed out the pain.

HeadStab: Medium

Instant Kill

[+40 XP]

Suddenly a chime sounded from the sky.


+1 Agility

Matt beamed. He was on a roll, and just achieved Level 6! There were only two more Level 1 Gorepit monsters that stood in his path, as well as the weakened Level 5 that he had retreated from earlier.

I got this!

He took out the low level monsters quickly, one after the other.

HeadStab: Easy

Instant Kill

[+40 XP]


HeadStab: Easy

Instant Kill

[+40 XP]

He smiled in content at the black blood oozing on the ground. The increase in XP gained from those Easy Kills were a nice pat on the back. His smile faded quickly however when he stood face to face again with his earlier foe.

Threat Detected: Level 5 Gorepit

HP| 440/500

Strengths: Thick legs and arms allow for smashing through solid objects and pulverizing of prey. Gaping mouth allows the ability to swallow prey whole. Red splotches on the beast’s dark hide are poisonous to the touch.

Weaknesses: Lower levels are susceptible to HeadStab Instant Kill attacks, but accuracy decreases with higher level opponents.

Matt gritted his teeth and charged. The Gorepit however was far more intelligent than its weaker comrades, and deftly dodged his attack. He lost his balance, and accidentally bounced his shoulder off the beast’s hide. Seconds later a searing heat burned his flesh, and Matt screamed out in pain. His eyes widened in horror as he saw skin and muscle boiling and sloughing off his avatar’s body. It didn’t matter that this was Augmented Reality. The game sensors were so in-sync with the player’s body that it easily confused virtual pain for real pain, triggering the same pain receptors in the brain.

Even though DarkForce was only a week old, thousands of mixed reviews had already been posted. Many wussy noob players had expressed their distaste to the game developer CyberBolt Entertainment regarding how intensely immersive the game was, meanwhile many others raved about it for the same reason. Meanwhile as Matt tried yet failed to convince his brain that the pain wasn’t real, he quickly downed a spare healing potion @doomsday16 had given him earlier to help curb the false-pain effect.

Spinning back around to face his foe, he suddenly launched backwards fifty feet in the air as one of the Gorepit’s massive fists struck its intended target. The wind had been knocked out of him, at least out of his avatar anyway. Wheezing in reaction to the attack, he knew this was a mind over matter situation. Matt closed his eyes and focused using a method of meditation. Within seconds he was able to clear his mind and resume normal breathing.

Skill Unlocked: Rapid Rebound

Meditation, when properly practiced, allows a player the ability to rebound from the effects of an attack at a rapid rate. Chances of Rapid Rebound during the middle of an attack is 25%. Greater chances for Rapid Rebound increase with higher levels. Requirements: Level > 6, Agility > 4, Stamina > 5, Intelligence > 4

Now that’s a neat skill to have!

Matt snapped his head to attention as the Gorepit raced closer with his latest charge. He reacted quickly by burying the end of the spear in the dirt behind him, and crouching a foot behind the tip of the extended spear. He was going to use the beast’s momentum against him.

The Gorepit closed the distance in seconds, then bellowed a roar of intense pain as it impaled itself on the spear.

[-350 HP]


Lifebar: < 18% >

The beast rolled to a stop several feet away, and Matt followed suit to retrieve his embedded weapon. The spear tip however was stuck in the beast’s thick flesh. With a grunt, Matt twisted the spear and dislodged it.

StabTwist: Difficult

Instant Kill

[+60 XP]


Skill Unlocked: StabTwist

Delivers an Instant Kill when you stab your weapon into an opponent’s chest, and twist while withdrawing. Chances of Instant Kill are 90%. Greater chances for Instant Kill increase with higher levels. Requirements: Level > 6, Strength > 9, Agility > 4, Stamina > 5, Intelligence > 4, Willpower > 4

Having finally killed off the last of the Gorepit monsters, Matt took a moment to check his stats.

DarkForce: Player Stats

Name | @Andrex

Class | Warrior

Level | 6

Experience | 740

XP to next level | 160

HP | 320/600

Mana | 100/100

Strength |Total: 9 | Original: 1 | Level Ups: 0 | Bonuses: 8

Agility |Total: 4 | Original: 1 | Level Ups: 2 | Bonuses: 1

Stamina |Total: 5 | Original: 1 | Level Ups: 1 | Bonuses: 3

Intelligence |Total: 4 | Original: 1 | Level Ups: 1 | Bonuses: 2

Willpower |Total: 4 | Original: 1 | Level Ups: 2 | Bonuses: 1

Matt frowned at his dwindling Hit Points (HP). He didn’t have any more healing potions, so he’d have to be careful while taking down the remaining Arackins in the area. He wasn’t very impressed with his overall stats either. He’d been gaming every night for a week, having worked the exact same shift as his colleague @doomsday16, and yet his friend was more than double his current Level.

What gives?!

He wanted nothing more than to level up quickly to earn some decent armor. This loincloth nonsense was getting ridiculous. He’s have to have a word with his friend to find out his secret.


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