Deception (Conquest: A GameLit Saga Book 2) – Prologue: Servers Online

Both suns loomed high in the midday sky as High Priest Matiyahu gave the command. He was standing inside one of several crumbing stone towers of the Semyaza Temple. Everything around him was ancient with the exception of the modern launch pad in the central courtyard. A full satellite attached to a rocket was preparing for launch, in tandem with several others in the multiple cities across the massive continent of Enoch. Timur Demyan had long ago made the necessary preparations for this monumental day, and had assigned the High Priest to carry out the launch.

“T-minus ten… nine… eight…”

He watched in awe as the smoke began to billow beneath the rocket. Having been raised his entire life in the land of Zion, never before had he seen such an inspiring display. The modern mechanisms and technologies from Earth appeared to him as though they were magic.

“…three… two… one… and we have ignition!”

Matiyahu squinted his eyes as the blast of smoke filled his vision. He choked, having not understood that the smoke could reach this high in the tower. It took several minutes for the air to clear, and then he shielded his eyes from the twin blazing suns that were blazing in the midday sky. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the small pinpoint that remained of the rocket soaring high into the sky with a billow of smoke trailing behind it. In the distance he could see several other similar streaks of smoke rising into the sky.

Far above, nine rockets detached from the satellites and began their descent into the vast oceans below.


It took several hours to get the satellites properly positioned in orbit around the planet Zion. High Priest Matiyahu sat at a control panel deep inside the chambers of the Semyaza Temple. To him, the LED panels appeared to be the work of pure sorcery. A group of 20 computer programmers from Earth who were members of the Creed of Nephilim had long ago been relocated here by Timur so that they could be available to operate the foreign technology.

“We have contact!” one of the Creed members announced, “The satellites are live!”

Matiyahu watched as the displays lit up with foreign symbols of data, and he had no idea what to make of it.

“We are ready to activate the server.” the Creed member explained and turned, “Do you want to do the honors?”

Matiyahu glanced dubiously at the panel he was referring to, “I fear I understandeth not thy technology.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll show you what to do.” he smiled and gestured him over with a wave of his hand, “I’ve already got it queued up.”

Matiyahu shrugged and stepped toward the other console.

“Press here on the glass.”

As instructed, he pressed the tip of his index finger against the glass where a red circle had appeared. A flurry of activity scrolled across the many screens all at once. Symbols of data scrolled rapidly for several seconds until a large symbol appeared on the screen followed by a few words in English that he could barely decipher…

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