Writing: It’s Like Herding Cats #WritingCommunity #BookTwitter

Ah, the joys of creative writing. It’s a process that’s simultaneously rewarding and frustrating, like trying to herd cats. So, without further ado, let’s take a comical look at the creative writing process.

  1. Inspiration strikes! You have an amazing idea for a story, and you’re excited to get started.
  2. You sit down to write, but… nothing. The words just aren’t coming. It’s like trying to coax a cat out from under the bed.
  3. Finally, you start to make some progress. You’re typing away, feeling like a literary genius… until you realize you’ve just written a paragraph of absolute nonsense.
  4. The editing process begins. You’re trying to make sense of the jumbled mess that is your first draft, but it feels like trying to untangle a ball of yarn that’s been attacked by a kitten.
  5. You take a break to clear your head, but now you’re distracted by everything around you. Your cat is knocking things off your desk, your dog is barking at the mailman, and your neighbor’s lawnmower is going at full blast.
  6. You finally manage to get into a groove, and the words are flowing… until you hit a plot hole. It’s like trying to solve a puzzle without all the pieces.
  7. You’re on a roll, and you’re feeling great… until you hit the dreaded writer’s block. It’s like trying to coax a stubborn cat into taking its medicine.
  8. The finish line is in sight! You’re almost done, but now you’re second-guessing everything. Is your ending too predictable? Is your protagonist too one-dimensional? It’s like trying to choose which flavor of cat food your feline friend will actually eat.
  9. Finally, you type the last word. You’re done! You feel like you’ve accomplished something amazing… until you realize you have to do it all over again for your next project.

So, there you have it – the creative writing process, in all its chaotic glory. Just remember, despite the struggles, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of creating something that’s all your own. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go wrangle some cats… er, I mean, work on my latest writing project.

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