Synopsis for SKIRMISH

Law enforcement officer by day, detective Matt Richards accepts his police partner’s challenge to enter the Augmented Reality game DarkForce. Now a gamer by night, Matt struggles at first as he gets accustomed to the game mechanics. Before long though he begins leveling up as he faces dangerous creatures and monsters of all kinds, but not without its hiccups. While his friend Levels Up at a much more rapid pace, Matt finds himself getting angry and frustrated as time and time again he has to wait a 24-hour penalty lockout after each time his character gets killed. But despite his frustrations, the world of DarkForce is intoxicatingly beautiful and the game itself is highly addictive and offers a great escape for his mundane life.
You are about to enter the world of DarkForce. Do you wish to proceed?
Yes | No
***WARNING: This GameLit Saga is highly addictive***

AMBUSH (Book 2)

Synopsis for AMBUSH

Travel through Time with detective Matt Richards as he discovers a vulnerability in the game DarkForce and unravels a sinister plot against its players.
Law enforcement officer by day, Matt is faced with the most baffling case of his career. Gamer by night, it’s no secret why he’s having marital problems at home. When his wife kicks him out for the last time, he tunes out the world and immerses himself inside the Augmented Reality world of DarkForce. During one of his early quests he loots a fallen opponent and obtains a curious artifact which gives him a unique advantage of foresight. As he starts leveling up however, the curious item also delivers a series of clues that help him discover the answers he seeks for his case in the real world… but these answers leave him wishing he had never discovered the truth.
Rudely forced back into the real world, Matt learns that he has been framed for crimes he didn’t commit. With no alibi, he soon finds himself on the run from the very same colleagues whom he had sworn an oath to Protect and Serve with. A strange phenomenon has also occurred… the Temporal Artifact has appeared in the real world, and its powers of foresight somehow still function. Matt blips in and out of consciousness as he travels through time and space to witness various events that help him piece together the facts of the case.
But dangerous men also know about the artifact and of its unique capabilities, and they will stop at nothing to get it back. Will Matt crack the case and clear his name in time before he is forever silenced?


Synopsis for CONQUEST

Over the last five centuries, Timur Demyan has lain to waste countless empires. Now, the immortal villain stands as the CEO of the company that has developed DarkForce, the most popular augmented reality video game in the world. What gamers don’t know is that DarkForce has been patterned after an alien planet inhabited by the Leviathan, a loathsome creature with whom Timur has forged an alliance.

When undercover operative Lily Thatcher discovers Timur’s ulterior motive, she is betrayed and labeled a rogue agent. Forced to venture to this other world, she soon unlocks innate powers of divination that have laid dormant since birth.

With the assistance of unexpected allies and a sentient dragon, can Lily stop Timur and prevent Earth’s apocalyptic fate?

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WARFARE (Book 4 -Coming Soon!)

Synopsis for WARFARE

Brittany Parker finds herself in a familiar yet foreign land. The terrain of DarkForce is the same, however the game parameters have changed drastically. Now battling opponents in a First-Person-Shooter (FPS) setting, Brittany is led on a Weapons Quest where she meets a handful of other players and joins their guild. Together, they must complete their shared Weapons Quest while battling vile creatures and other players along the way with their limited ammunition. Little do they know however, that the more they level up in the game, the more they carry out the sinister work of the loathsome creature called the Leviathan.


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