Synopsis for CONQUEST

Over the last five centuries, Timur Demyan has lain to waste countless empires. Now, the immortal villain stands as the CEO of the company that has developed DarkForce, the most popular augmented reality video game in the world. What gamers don’t know is that DarkForce has been patterned after an alien planet inhabited by the Leviathan, a loathsome creature with whom Timur has forged an alliance.
When undercover operative Lily Thatcher discovers Timur’s ulterior motive, she is betrayed and labeled a rogue agent. Forced to venture to this other world, she soon unlocks innate powers of divination that have laid dormant since birth.
With the assistance of unexpected allies and a sentient dragon, can Lily stop Timur and prevent Earth’s apocalyptic fate?

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DarkForce: Expansion Prequel

Synopsis for DarkForce: Expansion Prequel

A Young Adult (YA) LitRPG Mini-Series

When avid gamer Brittany Parker returns to Real Life (RL) after three days of full immersion in her favorite Augmented Reality game, she stumbles across some top secret government information and is subjected to a dangerous mind-wipe procedure. Brittany now finds herself back inside DarkForce with no memory of the last 24 hours. She meets a formidable – yet attractive – opponent who’s player stats are impressively matched to her own. Will she be able to beat him in a PvP tournament? Or more importantly, will her memory return in enough time before her lifebar in RL flatlines?

From the Author:

The DarkForce Saga is a Young Adult (YA) LitRPG Mini-Series spinoff expansion story to CONQUEST. DarkForce: Expansion Prequel is an excerpt from my bestselling novel CONQUEST with a few subtle changes geared toward a YA audience.

DarkForce: Expansion 1

Synopsis for DarkForce: Expansion 1

A Young Adult (YA) LitRPG Mini-Series

Brittany Parker finds herself in a familiar yet foreign land. The terrain of DarkForce is the same, however the game parameters have changed drastically. Now battling opponents in a First-Person-Shooter (FPS) setting, Brittany is led on a Weapons Quest where she meets a handful of other players and joins their guild. Together, they must complete their shared Weapons Quest while battling vile creatures and other players along the way with their limited ammunition. Little do they know however, that the more they level up in the game, the more they carry out the sinister work of the loathsome creature called the Leviathan.

From the Author:

The DarkForce Saga is a Young Adult (YA) LitRPG Mini-Series spinoff expansion story to CONQUEST. DarkForce: Expansion 1 is the first sequel to my bestselling novel CONQUEST geared toward a YA audience.