Course #1: Image Formatting


Does your Kindle eBook suffer from Tiny Image Syndrome? Are you looking to increase your book’s value by providing your readers with more impressive chapter headings? Do you feel like KDP’s instructions in their PDF “Building your book for Kindle” is missing come critical details? I have the solution! I’m proud to offer this incredibly easy 3-step tutorial on how to properly format your manuscript to contain beautifully formatted images and pictures.

You do not need expensive software to complete this tutorial. All you need at minimum are the following:

  • Microsoft Paint
  • Microsoft Word

All of the other tutorials out there are quite overwhelming. They purport to have inside knowledge about the inner workings of the mobi file format, and they run you through extensive HTML coding to ‘fix’ the issue. I’m happy to announce that this 3-step tutorial could be conducted easily by a child! Dive in for more…